Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's that time of the summer again. It's the time where you need to part ways with your hometown friends as we all go back to school. Tomorrow marks the first day my friends are heading back home, and it doesn't get any happier from there. I have enjoyed seeing them this summer, although I would have liked to see them more. With my high school friends, I like to think we have a unique bond between us. As a grade of 70, we were all pretty much family. Sure, there were those unavoidable cliques, but we all realized that we were in it together. Whenever we get back together over winter and summer breaks, things naturally fall into place again. Sure, it is only our first year back from college, and there is no doubt that people will change over time and that friendships will slowly break apart, but for now, I am satisfied with how everything is.

Even so, I can't avoid questioning the depths and the futures of my friendships. What will happen next summer, in 2 years, in 5 years? It's scary to think that some of the people I had experienced such great times with may just fall out of the picture. It's scarier to contemplate the possibility of my friends turning into something that they had never been in high school. College changes people, some for the best and some for the worse. Are any of my friends going to go from genuine and genial to artificial and unpleasant? I hope not, but another three years in college can change a person for sure. What about the possibility of being replaced by their new college friends? After all, instead of us spending the whole year together, they now spend two thirds of the year with their buddies at school.

Yes, I may be insecure about my friendships and fearful of changes that may come, but I need to ask myself some questions as well. How do I feel about my college friends? Will they be there for me in 5,10,15 years? Do I come out of college with those one or two friends that I tell my children stories about?

Honestly, I think that I may have already found some of those people that will continue to affect my life for a long time during and after college. Maybe I do not need to worry as much about my high school friendships, as I have found other people with whom I can talk to, hang out with, and come to with problems. The mysteries of sophomore year excite me, and while I would like to savor these last two weeks of summer, something tells me I have a lot to look forward to at college.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where Do I Start?

The toughest part of blogging is the first blog. What am I supposed to write that will draw my (future) readers back to read my blog. I'm not going to lie, my blog isn't going to be the funniest or wittiest blog you will ever read. It is not going to be the most elegant language you have ever seen. And it's probably not even going to be the most interest blog you will read. So what do I bring to the blogosphere?

I am just a normal, down to earth college student. In a few weeks, I will be returning back to school as a sophomore at a college on the east coast. As of now, I am premed, although pretty reluctant to admit it. I plan to blog about my thoughts about school and everything that comes with it: classes, college life, relationships, friendships, and everything in between. I hope that something in my blogs with be interesting to people.

Why did I decide to blog? I just feel like I have a different outlook at things than a lot of people. I can't describe it, but I feel that I am a real down to earth kid and very observant of everything that goes on around me. I am hoping that some of these characteristics I have can translate onto the blog. Frankly, I'd love for this blog to actually become popular and well read, but I am realistic. Blogging gives me something to do, it gives me somewhere to express myself. One of the things that I sort of learned in my first year is that it doesn't do me any good to talk about other people at school. Especially in the social situation that I have found myself in, everyone knows everyone else, so it's not even worth taking the risk of being found talking behind people's backs. Bottom line: as of now, I don't know who I can really trust, I don't know who is really a true friend yet. I don't want this blog to turn into a gossip session about all of my friends, but I just want to have an outlet where I can share a funny story about someone or just get people's opinions on what other people do. In college, I have met so many different types of people, and although I have made some really great friends, I have met a lot of people who are crazy, weird, mean, cocky, and just about every other adjective you can think of.

So there's my first blog entry. Short and sweet. I read somewhere (yea, I'll admit it, I did some research before I started to blog) that it's a good idea to blog every 2 days or so, and that is what I will try to do. For those of you who are reading this, it would give me a lot more confidence if you just left me a quick comment to let me know that people are actually looking at this. Also, suggestions and tips on how to make the blog better would be greatly appreciated. As I said before, I am not looking to change the world with this blog, I am just trying to write something that people will enjoy. So stay tuned for more posts, and I hope you like it!